2 page essay on color blindness

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2 page essay on color blindness

Tweet A blindfolded person in a suit reaching their arms out. In the end, I chose to use the term, but I hope that in ridding ourselves of the concept, we can also rid ourselves of the term.

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Thank you to my former students who have shared their race-based experiences, enabling me to write this article. You might have been the one to say it. I just see people. Such comments and racial avoidance have a name: The colorblind approach to race is not an accidental phenomenon; rather, it is the result of an education — a training — that many of us have received, especially White Americans.


Many of us are taught from an early age that talking about race — even just acknowledging race — is a no-no. In some ways, colorblindness makes sense: Race can be uncomfortable — its mere mention can thicken the air with tension. After all, this country is a big melting pot anyway. As I mentioned, how could many of us not do so after years of training?

I have spent nearly 15 years in public high school classrooms, and my students — particularly my students of color — have provided a wealth of evidence that, when it comes to colorblindness, we desperately require an alternate training.

However, racial oppression not to mention the flipside, racial advantage and privilege is just one dimension of race. Like many other factors — gender, religion, socio-economic status — race is a basic ingredient that makes up our being, whether or not you consciously acknowledge its role in your life.

Imagine being forced to suppress one such ingredient that you openly acknowledge and value. Imagine, for example, being forced to let go of your religion. For people whose faith is a fundamental part of their livessuch a thought is unfathomable.

Yet doing so for race makes no more sense. Slavery depended on severing the cultural ties of stolen people.

2 page essay on color blindness

The Indian Boarding School movement had similarly devastating effects on Indigenous groups. Colorblindness Invalidates Racist Experiences Colorblind ideology takes race off the table.

But for many people of color — as well as for White people who work to dismantle systems of privilege — race is very much on the table.

Racism forces it to the tabletop. Colorblindness just pretends the table is empty. Most certainly not these students of color, who must swallow their stories and bury their experiences. Unfortunately, colorblindness derails the process of addressing racism before it has even started.We will write a custom essay sample on Colour Blindness In Humans Biology Essay specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Order now Peoples with normal color vision will see 42Ishihara Color Blindness Test Deuteranopes (green CVD) will see a 4 but no 2. Fig. 9. Red green color blindness comparison essay.

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likes. We respect and want to support all color blind people. Hit like if you know someone with color blindness or u have. Since color blindness is a recessive trait, the X chromosome without it, is the one that will be passed down. But if a female who is a carrier marries a colorblind male, and if they have a daughter, the daughter will have to inherit the X chromosome from her mother, it is a 50% chance.

Essay 5 “If People Stopped Talking About Race, It Wouldn’t Be a Problem Anymore” 57 2.

2 page essay on color blindness

If you are a student of color, think about how the color-blind perspective has shaped your understanding about race in both your own life and the larger society.

Aravind Byju Period 6 3/7/12 Color Blindness Color blindness is a sex-linked genetic disorder that affects many people. Approximately 8% of men and.5% of women are affected. Approximately 8% of men and.5% of women are affected.

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