An essay on technology a look at the inventions of the 21st century

Such was the life of Nikola Teslawho dreamed the future while his opportunistic rival Thomas Edison seized the moment.

An essay on technology a look at the inventions of the 21st century


Do you think about how much you appreciate inventors when you walk out of your house with your machine-made clothing on and wearing your sunglasses? What about when you climb into your car, turn the radio on or pop in your favorite CD and turn the ignition and go?

When you come to a traffic light do you think about who invented it? Of course not, but inventors have changed the course of our lives.

In most cases, we believe that life is better with technology, but in some cases, technology can be a dangerous thing. It would be nearly impossible to cover them all, but we can look at the ones that have significantly changed our lives. Household Items Washing Machine The first rotary washing machine was invented in the 19th century, but what really revolutionized the washing machine was when the first electric washing machine was invented in Vacuum Cleaner Though there were mechanical carpet sweepers before the 20th century, the first vacuum cleaner was invented in by Hubert Cecil Booth.

Absorption Refrigerator This type of refrigerator was a new concept in the early 20th century. It was the first refrigerator to use heat as a source of energy for the cooling system.

Early Twentieth Century Inventors and Inventions:

Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters invented the first absorption refrigerator in This is the one that was on the market for households in the s. It was Percy Spencer that noticed that these radar waves melted the candy bar in his pocket.

Due to his discovery inthe first commercial microwave went on the market in Food Products Frozen Foods Nowadays a lot of frozen foods are just for convenience like precooked meals that we can now just pop in the microwave.

However, before frozen foods, fruits and vegetables would go bad. Thanks to Clarence Birdseye inthat all changed.


This was the first time that a loaf of bread could be not only pre-sliced, but in even pieces. This may seem like a small deal to us now, but can you imagine the inconvenience of slicing a chunk of bread off of a loaf just to make a sandwich?

I think many people would be in support of this invention. In contemporary times we take for granted how convenient a zipper is and how much time it saves us each morning.

Hygiene Disposable Razor The year of was the year that the disposable razor blade was patented by King C. He marketed the razors through his new company and by the end of the decade, he was a millionaire.

Dry Electric Shaver Jacob Schick invented the dry electric razor in and seven years later it was put on the market.Most important inventions of the 21st Century: in pictures.

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Bluetooth () Bluetooth technology was unveiled in , but it wasn't until the start of the 21st century that manufacturers began.

In the early years of the 21st century, congestive heart failure (CHF) was the single biggest killer in the industrialised world, claiming more lives than all cancers combined.

A chronic condition, it was characterised by an enlarged heart and insufficient blood flow to the organs and extremities of the body. Over the Horizon: 21st Century Breakthroughs.

By Glen Hiemstra, This is the third article in our new Strategic Alliance with the Northwest Venture Group. Most people living today recall when the year represented “the future.†Countless writings and a famous ’s movie speculated about what life would be like when we arrived in the future, and the movie established certain.

An essay on technology a look at the inventions of the 21st century

Technology Of The 21st Century. The twenty-first century will be remembered for the fast-paced technology development. A lot of technology advancement took place in this century. 10 Future Inventions Everyone's Been Waiting For.

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An essay on technology a look at the inventions of the 21st century

Back in the '50s and '60s, our expectations for the 21st century were even loftier. With science by our side, nothing seemed out of the question. In this article we'll look at 10 future inventions we've been waiting for all our lives.

Which. inventions essay What Are the 10 Greatest Inventions of Our Time? What others are saying "Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.".

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