An introduction to the life of kate chopin

Her fiction is widely taught in universities and secondary schools. It is explored in hundreds of scholarly books, essays, and dissertations—as well as in the popular media.

An introduction to the life of kate chopin

She was bilingual and bicultural—feeling at home in different communities with quite different values—and the influence of French life and literature on her thinking is noticeable throughout her fiction. From to Kate attended the St.

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As a girl, she was mentored by woman—by her mother, her grandmother, and her great grandmother, as well as by the Sacred Heart nuns. Much of the fiction Kate wrote as an adult draws on the nurturing she received from women as she was growing up.

Her early life had a great deal of trauma. Inher father was killed in a railroad accident.

An introduction to the life of kate chopin

In her beloved French-speaking great grandmother died. Kate spent the Civil War in St. Louis, a city where residents supported both the Union and the Confederacy and where her family had slaves in the house.

Her half brother enlisted in the Confederate army, was captured by Union forces, and died of typhoid fever. From to Kate kept a commonplace book in which she recorded diary entries and copied passages of essays, poems, and other writings. At about nineteen, through social events held at Oakland, a wealthy estate near St.

It does not seem strange as I had thought it would—I feel perfectly calm, perfectly collected. And how surprised everyone was, for I had kept it so secret! They saw Paris only briefly, in September,during the Franco-Prussian War, at a moment when the city was preparing for a long siege.

Kate never visited Europe again.

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Back in the States, the couple settled in New Orleans, where Oscar established a business as a cotton factor, dealing with cotton and other commodities corn, sugar, and molasses, among them. Louisiana was in the midst of Reconstruction at the time, and the city was beset with economic and racial troubles.

Oscar joined the notorious White League, a Democratic group that in had a violent confrontation with Republican Radicals, causing President Grant to send in federal troops.

Kate may have met the French painter Edgar Degas, who lived in New Orleans for several months around She would have been observing life in the city, gathering material that she could draw upon for her fiction later in life.

The Chopins lived in three New Orleans houses. In the Chopins moved to Cloutierville, a small French village in Natchitoches Parish, in northwestern Louisiana, after Oscar closed his New Orleans business because of hard financial times. Louis Oscar bought a general store in Cloutierville, but in he died of malaria—and Kate became a widow at age thirty-two, with the responsibility of raising six children.

But she then moved with her family back to St. Louis where she found better schools for her children and a richer cultural life for herself.BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.

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A Biography ~ Reflections & Recollections with few Regrets: In appreciating a full and eventful life, herewith a precis and some of the lessons learned.. Light Horse trooper Margate, Nationals, National service The expanding collection Yamaha RT3 Pig . "The Story of an Hour," is a short story written by Kate Chopin on April 19, It was originally published in Vogue on December 6, , as "The Dream of an Hour".It was later reprinted in St.

Louis Life on January 5, , as "The Story of an Hour".. The title of the short story refers to the time elapsed between the moments at which the . Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at pm (unless stated otherwise).

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Recitals last approximately 50 minutes. Admission is free. Donations on which we rely are really welcome. Kate Chopin (/ ˈ ʃ oʊ p æ n /; born Katherine O'Flaherty; February 8, – August 22, ), was an American author of short stories and novels based in Louisiana.

She is now considered by some scholars to have been a forerunner of American 20th-century feminist authors of Southern or Catholic background, such as Zelda Fitzgerald..

Of maternal French and paternal Irish descent, Chopin. Kate Chopin was born Kate O'Flaherty in St. Louis, Missouri in to Eliza and Thomas O'Flaherty. She was the third of five children, but her sisters died in infancy and her brothers (from her father's first marriage) in their early twenties.

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