Attitud es sztereotipiak essay

According to Blackwell et al consumer buying behaviour is itself is a complex, dynamic issue which cannot be defined easily and commonly.

Attitud es sztereotipiak essay

Please check my summary writing and help improve it.

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However, social changes are brought about by new technology are often mistaken for a change in attitudes. An example at hand is the involvement of parents in the lives of their children who are attending college.

The same surveys also indicate that the rate of parental involvement is greater today than it was a generation ago. If parents of earlier generations had wanted to be in touch with their college-age children frequently, would this have been possible? Furthermore, studies show that finances are the most frequent subject of communication between parents and their college children.

The fact that college students are financially dependent on their parents is nothing new; nor are requests for more money to be sent from home. This phenomenon is neither good nor bad; it is a fact of college life, today and in the past. Thanks to the advanced technology, we live in an age of bettered communication.

This has many implications well beyond the role that parents seem to play in the lives of their children who have left for college. But it is useful to bear in mind that all such changes come from the technology and not some imagined desire by parents to keep their children under their wings.

Please summarise the article above in your own words, using between 40 and 80 words. The following is just my attempt at summarizing and I hope someone would proofread it and polish it.

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It serves as an example for my students to follow after I finish checking their summaries. In a word, it is not the attitude but advanced technology that explains greater parental involvement.


Last edited by rodgers white; Mar at Selected students', parents', and graduate student tutors' experiences and perceptions in a community of interest summer literacy camp h [electronic resource] / by Kim Thomas.

Nyelvideológiák, attitűdök és sztereotípiák. Borbély Anna, Vančoné Kremmer Ildikó, Hattyár Helga Tinta Könyvkiadó.

Attitud es sztereotipiak essay

Assignment 1 Description Essay Length: case study and is designed to assess your level of achievement in the learning objectives from Chapter 3. This assignment is based on the Billy’s Building Supplies Inc. case study and is designed to assess your level of achievement in the learning objectives from Chapter 3.

Attitud es sztereotipiak essay

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