Changing fashion a boon or curse

Annotations help in reducing the learning curve associated with these specifications by avoiding the need to learn the deployment descriptors which are necessary to properly deploy an EJB or a JAX-WS web service respectively. Annotations — a boon or a curse? Due to the above situation, the influence on the usage of annotations is steadily rising. All of this can be attributed as a boon to the presence of annotations.

Changing fashion a boon or curse

The reservation policy in India has been vehemently criticized throughout the country. There was such a revolt against it in Gujarat that educational institutions remained closed for a year. All students were promoted to the next class without examinations.

It resulted in permanent deterioration in the standard of education in that state.

Changing fashion a boon or curse

Such movements have also created prolonged bickering between the people of scheduled castes and tribes and others. The gulf has resulted in a large number of murders in the Hindi belt, specially in Bihar.

It is the people belonging to the Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes who suffer the most. The people belonging to the so called upper castes complain that although they are highly educated they do not get a job while people having lesser rank in education secure jobs. Apparently the complaint seems correct.

But statistics show that a large number of jobs reserved for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes are filled by others. It has not been possible to fine candidates having the required qualifications from among these castes an; tribes. They can ill afford to have degrees in the latest specialized subjects.

Most of them become clerks and peons.

Changing fashion a boon or curse

When they are promoted to upper ranks it is grudged. So to some extent the grudge is substantial. Some people having less experience become senior to the incumbents of the unreserved categories.


But it is equally true that a large number of people reasoning to unreserved categories are promoted or get better jobs as they nave pulls at different levels.

Political strings can make a Dhawan even a member of Rajya Sabha when a Supreme Court Judge had passed strictures against him. There are more examples of such irregularities in the political and administrative fields which giving preference to the members of reserved categories.

No one voices these. The voice is always raised against the weak and the down trodden. People belonging to Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes are mostly poor and uneducated.

Most of them have to do menial jobs or have to work as landless laborers and bonded laborers. Then and then only they can make two ends meet. The educational institutions in their areas, specially - rural areas are just on papers. They have been tormented, neglected and exploited since A.

The last thirteen centuries have seen their gradual degradation. The caste system was totally reduced to its present birth equation gradually during the Muslim and European attacks on the country.

These people, reduced to the lower rungs, were gradually reduced to the position of serfs. The economically better people started keeping them away from the main social stream. They were and even now are untouchables while dogs and cats are touchable. This historical background has rather been horrible.

Reservation is its inevitable repercussion. It is not an injustice to anyone but a justice to those who have been discarded by the society in the most abominable way. Indian society is basically Hindu society. The culture of the country is essentially Hindu culture.

If Hindu society breaks off Indian culture too would gradually vanish. It is culture that sustains a society. It may look strange, but is true, that reservation has kept the society from depleting in lumbers.

The Scheduled caste and Scheduled tribes were given these facilities by the Constituent Assembly when it framed the constitution. A clause was added that those who change their religion would be deprived of all the facilities.

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A boon is a benefit or bonanza; in this context, a curse is the opposite. There is no doubt that mobile phones have brought a revolutionary change in this electronic world. It has become one of the fundamental means of communication. science is boon or curse? Humans are the most advanced and intelligent species in the universe, their greatest work is Science.

The word science comes through the Old French, and is derived from the Latin word scientia for knowledge Science has made life easier for man.

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