Embracing diversity challenging minds essay

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Embracing diversity challenging minds essay

The Key to a Peaceful World Jordan Bates 6 comments If there is one cause that every man and woman breathing should support, it is this.

A future paradigm crucial to the preservation of mankind. A mantra supporting equal rights for all people. A shift of mindset that will make you a better, happier person. We must consciously embrace diversity. Gender, ethnicity, race, class, religion, nationality, sexuality, philosophy, lifestyle.

The areas in which we differ are endless. Yet, at a basic level, we are all of the same human species. We experience highs and lows in life and strive to be happy and fulfilled.

Our common pains and joys are what bring us together, but our diversity makes us unique. It is what deems you or I our own special person, one who has never existed and will never exist again.

The Problem The diversity of our existence is beautiful, but people today are still entangled in a predicament, one that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. Discrimination on the basis of difference. The list of major tragedies in our history that were caused solely by this phenomenon is mind-boggling.

The list could go on and on. And, the problem still exists today. Nowadays There are still plenty of apparent examples all around us, with various religious wars and genocides happening all over the world.

But, this problem takes less obvious forms as well, and you and I are not immune to its effects. In most of our minds, we possess assumptions that make us judge, avoid, or act awkwardly towards people who are different than us. Here are a few examples.

Embracing diversity challenging minds essay

Groups of friends at a college consisting almost entirely of individuals of the same race or ethnicity. A young woman avoiding an old friend after finding out that she is a homosexual. If you want to digest certain books rapidly, I recommend Blinkist. They distill non-fiction books down to potent minute insight-blasts.

Would-be husbands assuming their future wives will clean, cook, and take care of the kids. A boss choosing to hire an employee whose name sounds more American than a more qualified applicant. However, the people who are victimized know it all too well. Minor forms of discrimination happen constantly, all around us.

Real people, just like you or I, feel alienated, bullied, despised, and mistreated every day. Many of them are being deprived of basic rights. The reason why this lack of understanding is damaging to everyone is less clear-cut. It has to do with how we come to find true happiness. Compassion refers to the love for and desire to help all people.

Only through compassion can we find lasting joy.Aug 03,  · Best Answer: Any diversity, whether it be ethnic, cultural, gender, sexuality, or even thought processes challenge a person's norm.

By challenging a person or group of people with a diverse pool of culture, sexuality or thought processes change can be urbanagricultureinitiative.com: Resolved.  Diversity in the Workplace Table of Contents Introduction 1 Importance of Diversity Avoiding Discrimination EEO Affirmative Action 4 Types of Diversity Recruitment, Selection, Retention Managing Diversity 7 Measuring Diversity Inclusion Conclusion 9 References i Creating and Maintaining Diversity in the Workplace Introduction: Diversity is one of the most important aspects of .

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Embracing Diversity. Challenging Minds. Version @ 10 June Receptionist Nazifah Binte Zolkepeli Board of Directors Accreditation Manager Josie Wang Facilities Manager Jackson Chang Head of Operations Andy Low Human Resources Manager Sharon Tan Head of Finance Thomas Leow Director of Marketing and Communications.

Jun 13,  · Diversity management is the key to growth in today’s fiercely competitive global marketplace. No longer can America’s corporations hide behind their lack of cultural intelligence.

The Challenge of Diversity Consciousness In this brave new world of 21st century, diversity is one of the things that we need to embrace. And to enable us to develop our consciousness towards diversity, we must learn perpetuate ourselves to constant learning and change - The Challenge of Diversity Consciousness introduction.

Diverse Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners