Essay on cricket world cup 2007

Teams 12—16 did not have official ODI rankings leading up to the World Cup; they are ranked based on their win percentage against full members and then wins against associate members prior to the tournament. The warm-up matches were not considered as official ODIs.

Essay on cricket world cup 2007

From children to septuagenarians all take full interest in cricket. The unstained support for the game from all corners of the society has catapulted the players into stars.

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Cricket has now turned into commercial game where lots of money is pumped in for the sake of the game and not for its spirit. The money making mind of the players take them away from the field and lure them to the world of advertisement. They concentrate their mind more on trade advertisements than practice.

This situation was prevailed on Team India during preparation for World Cup Preparation period was a period of experimentation but the players were busy churning out money from endorsing products and brands. Many experiments were done by the former Australian Captain and the then Indian.


But there was a clash between traditional view and modern view. Coach Greg advocated for young players whereas selection team management was under tremendous pressure from established players.

The team spirit was totally lacking among the Players. There was an environment of uncertainty. They failed the expectations of millions of cricket lovers in India. Only the match against Bermuda was played well. The major setback of Team India was losing to Bangladesh. The very first match was taken lightly by Indian Team.

Dhoni were the show pieces. Sehwag was out of form for a long time but he was tried as far as possible, neglecting good batsmen. Similarly Anil leg spinner was performing better than Harbhajan but he was dropped. It was a very depressing situation.May 16,  · The ICC Cricket World Cup was in March-April The venue was West Indies.

16 teams played in the tournament. This world cup is believed to be the worst of all of the Resolved. The Ninth World Cup Tournament was hosted by the West Indies from 13 th of March to 29 th April, , really a cumbersome, lengthy and boring tournament spread over a period of 50 days.

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Apart form the 2 semi finals and one final, 48 matches had to be played in the tournament. May 25,  · The ICC Cricket World Cup was played in the West Indies from 13 March to 28 April , using the one-day international format.

Total 51 matches were played. Eight venues across the West Indies were selected to host the World Cup Matches. The 16 teams participated in the world cup. These 16 teams were divided Status: Resolved. That same year he was named the International Cricket Council Cricketer of the Year.

In April Tendulkar chalked up another milestone when he led India to a World Cup victory, his first in his long career.

At a glance, writing a Cricket World Cup essay seems to be pointless and even ridiculous a little. What is the point of discussing some past event that has almost no sense and value nowadays?

Essay on cricket world cup 2007

Well perhaps, for you personally Cricket World Cup does not mean a lot. However, for millions of cricket fans all around the world it was a . Essay on Cricket World Cup Tournament. Sixteen teams participated in the ninth World Cup Tournament with players out of whom were new faces.

Barmuda and Ireland teams participated in the tournament for the first time.

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