Essays on pleasantville movie

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Essays on pleasantville movie

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Film The film Pleasantville directed by Gary Ross is about two modern teenagers, David and his sister Jennifer, somehow being transported into the television, ending up in Pleasantville, a s black and white sitcom.

Ross cleverly uses cinematic techniques such as colour, mise-en-scene, camera shots, costumes, music and dialogue to effectively tell the story.

Black and white life is simple and uncomplicated. Johnson and Skip changing it from sedate to a lively environment. Not only do the town people change, they become liberated.

Colour is used impressively throughout the film and plays a huge role as a cinematic device representing liberation and change. This is highlighted in the Lovers Lane scene when Bud and Margaret are driving to their first date.


This striking scene depicted coloured pink blossoms falling from the trees onto their black and white skin. The juxtaposition between black and white here is also significant because it shows how things are changing. The black and white and color images blend pretty seamlessly. The viewer notices how this couple wonders at the petals instead of noticing the surroundings with strong elements of conservatism.

These passions were considered to be absent from the idealized s.

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Everyone in Pleasantville had a routine which was strictly followed day to day. Everyone wore the same style of clothes.

Even the houses were the same, with picket fences adorning houses and everyone having the same car. Ross uses mise-en-scene to contrast idealistic, conservative American views and reality. He highlights the fact that the people of Pleasantville like everything to be kept to a routine.

Their world has little time for change and is a complete contrast to realistic America. Fifties clothing was conservative. Men wore gray flannel suits and women wore dresses with pinched in waists and high heels.

Gender roles were strongly held. Families worked together, played together and vacationed together at family themed entertainment. Indecent language was not used frequently. Camera shots and angles are also used by Ross as a cinematic technique.

Another example of a camera technique is the close up of David asking out a girl. It shows the strength and courage David has in him, but a long shot shows us that the girl is hundreds of meters away. This conveys that David is too socially inept to ask a girl out or even talk to one.

Essays on pleasantville movie

Camera angles and shots are not always what the audience perceives. Ross highlights liberation through the styles of music throughout the film, notably on the jukebox in the soda shop.

This is a happy, yet unimaginative form of music. Later in the film, the people progress to blues, jazz and to rock and roll.

Music stereotypes people because it is a way that people use to express themselves. Therefore, music is very significant in the film, as it symbolises freedom and liberation.The GRE General Test is currently a computer-based test offered at centers in the US and in most other countries.

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The festival will be held April 21 , at USC and feature celebrities, famous authors, music, film, comic books, cooking demos and more. Movie ”Pleasantville” Essay Sample.

In a famous 50’s movie called Pleasantville, there have been many themes being presented which includes racial discrimination, personal freedom and love.

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