External briefing ccjs420

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External briefing ccjs420

The grading standards are developed based on course outcomes and reflect the appropriate level of content mastery, including the subject matter as well as core curriculum components deemed appropriate, such as effective writing and information literacy.

Although a bell curve may not always be achieved nor necessarily desirable, the expectation is that the grade of A is awarded only to students whose work is truly exceptional, reflecting both content mastery and the ability to analyze and articulate that material.

The grade of A would not be routinely expected, and the grades of B and C would be clearly denoted as appropriate to lesser degrees of content mastery as discussed above.

The grade of D represents the lowest passing grade and denotes borderline content mastery and ability. This definition implies three components to academic rigor: Content mastery, to include the subject matter of the course as well as mastery of those core curriculum goals established for the course for example, information External briefing ccjs420, effective writing 2.

Application of critical-thinking skills, to include the degree to which the student can present and defend original thinking on the subject matter, including synthesis and analysis of key concepts 3.

Project Descriptions For all projects in this class, submit your best, most thoughtful work. Group and individual work should be well organized and demonstrate the level of writing expected of upper-level students. Present your ideas thoroughly and clearly, providing examples when appropriate.

It is always better to write more than the minimum requirement. Creative approaches, evidence of critical thinking, and detailed answers are encouraged. As far as the page count is concerned, all material other than written narrative is excluded.

Charts, graphs, and photographs are important and often reinforce the narrative. However, they will not be part of the page count.

External briefing ccjs420

Submit all assignments into your individual assignment folders by the due date. Late assignments are subject to the Late Policy present in the classroom. Successful progress depends upon preparation and participation.

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If you have problems keeping up, contact your instructor immediately. Always make a backup copy of your work in case you experience computer or network problems. You can find your Google Drive by going to mail. Review and use the instructions and rubric for each assignment.

External briefing ccjs420

Turnitin may be used to review each paper for plagiarism. Review the cold case binder, become familiar with the mechanics of the simulation and conduct a preliminary review of the case. This could include an outline of actions you will take and a timeline of when you will complete each stage of the project culminating in completing the game and writing the report by the last week of class.

In this course, you will participate in an interactive virtual homicide investigation. The crime scene simulation is located in the Course Modules area. As you progress through the investigation, you will conduct interviews and examine case files, an autopsy report, death scene photographs, and forensic reports.

Your goal is to solve the case and to gather sufficient credible evidence to convince the prosecutor to issue an indictment for the perpetrator.

The first is an action plan for the management of the case. After reviewing the cold case binder, write out in approximately one page exactly how you will proceed in this case. What steps will you take to solve it? The action plan is due Week 2 of the class.

The Final Project report is not due until the last week of the class. External Briefing Report Assignment: As a medico-legal death investigator, you will work with many agencies and members of the public while performing your duties.

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An important consideration to keep in mind as you progress in your criminal justice career is the respect and understanding due to victims, family members, and next of kin. For this assignment, you will be given a case study to review.

You will write an external briefing to be attached to the case report and the autopsy report. The briefing will go to the family of the deceased.

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What do you think a family member would need to know or want to know, and how should the information be presented? Be mindful of ethical disclosure, legal implications, and level of discretion when writing your report. The report should be organized in a logical manner and written with professional language with the following requirements: The body founders are self-reported to be friends of the deceased.

The deceased was discovered with a needle in his arm and multiple contusions and lacerations to his face and scalp.View Homework Help - Velazquez, D_Project 3_Case Study_External Briefing urbanagricultureinitiative.com from CCJS at University of Maryland, University College.

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