Global warming affects polar bears

She had given birth to her cubs, and was waiting for them to grow strong enough to follow her out to the ice pack.

Global warming affects polar bears

Effects[ edit ] Marine mammals have evolved to live in oceans, but climate change is affecting their natural habitat. Ocean warming will therefore lead to increased species migration, as endangered species look for a more suitable habitat.

If a species cannot successfully migrate to a suitable environment, unless it learns to adapt to rising ocean temperatures, it will face extinction.

Sea level rise is also important when assessing the impacts of global warming on marine mammals, since it affects coastal environments that marine mammals species rely.

Decline of the Polar Bear

Primary producerssuch as plankton[13] [14] [15] [16] are the main food source for marine mammals such as some whales.

Species migration will therefore be directly affected by locations of high primary productivity. Water temperature changes also affect ocean turbulence, which has a major impact on the dispersion of plankton and other primary producers.

Thermohaline circulation is responsible for bringing up cold, nutrient-rich water from the depths of the ocean, a process known as upwelling. The biggest issue for polar bears related to climate change is the melting of ice as a result of increasing temperatures.

When the ice melts, polar bears lose their habitat and food sources. Although polar bears have been known to eat more than 80 species of animals, most of their diet consists of sealswhich are also endangered by global warming.

Oceanography and marine biology an annual review.ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Polar bear cubs in Alaska’s Beaufort Sea are much less likely to survive compared to 20 years ago, probably due to melting sea ice caused by global warming, according to a.

Global warming affects polar bears

Sea ice loss from climate change is the primary threat to polar bears. FAQ Our chief scientist, Dr. Steven Amstrup, responds to frequent questions and clears up myths and . This 8 x 8 storybook shows how global warming affects two baby polar bear cubs and their family.

Includes tips for kids on what they can do to help slow down global warming. This 8 x 8 paperback book is perfect-bound and will be printed on % post-consumer waste recycled paper with urbanagricultureinitiative.coms: 5.

Global warming human-induced global warming to be precise, is undoubtedly the biggest threat that the planet is facing today. The fact that its effects on the planet are becoming more and more obvious is a sign of an approaching disaster.

Aug 16,  · Global warming is melting of the Ice caps. The polar bears live in cold enviorments, No cold enviorments=No polar Resolved.

Watch video · There are about 20, to 25, polar bears in the Circumpolar Arctic, and “an order of magnitude higher for grizzlies in that area” and other brown bears, Derocher said.

How will global warming affect polar bears?