Half of the glass

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Night Shyamalan, but its most satisfying gambit came in unexpectedly setting up a sequel to his thriller "Unbreakable.

Half of the glass

In addition to offering retrofits, custom showers, vanities, etc, they also cut glass to any shape. If I could give negative stars I would. Customer service is non existent. Because of so few choices on the coast and against my better judgement, I called HMBGS to get a bid to take down two large mirrors in my bathroom.

Since I did not receive a written quote, I called today to get a breakdown of costs. What I got was attitude. We don't want to do the job anyway because of the liability. That's how you treat people?

How hard would it have been to be polite and explain the mirror removal process and the reason for the up charge?

Half of the glass

I've already told two people about this incident and they were not surprised. Really poor customer service, the proprietor is a cranky bird. Took in two screens with bent frames. They couldn't figure out how to order replacements based on the computer codes that were still attached to the screens after installation.

They tried to order anyway and brought me the wrong screens.

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They did not match what I brought in. They said the manufacturer did not make them anymore. Baloney these screens were three months old. They refused to try again to find the right screens. I said by phone I would pick them up. After that the place put my broken screens outside in the street!

What nerve, they were rude, These people should go into another trade maybe fishing would suit them. I called for an estimate to install a bay window and got a call a half hour beforehand that they DON'T do bay windows.


Guy who called said his boss just told him that. Their website doesn't say that and it's hard to believe considering the range of services they do offer. Mike and his crew did a pretty good job. His administration skills and follow up could use some work.

Overall the work was done well and I'm pleased with the result. Went in to get a simple screen replacement. Was told I would get a call in 2 days.Our double-walled borosilicate 7 ounce juice glass is permanently marked Half Full and Half Empty.

Half Full measures 5 inches tall x 3 inches in diameter. A full glass of optimism. The glass that's never half empty! How clever! Item Number GLAS Mar 22,  · Best Answer: its overflowing:) The glass is always half full for me.

depends. if your talking about a glass with water then its half full of water. if not, half empty of air. think about that for a while lol. i got a headache now. if the glass is half empty its also half full I feel like being optimistic (: Let's say it's half Status: Resolved.

If you're filling the glass, then it'd be half full.

Glass Half Empty Quotes (8 quotes)

If you're getting rid of water, then it'd be half empty. When it comes to personality, I'd say I'm more pessimistic. Jul 24,  · Glass Half Full with Riker Lynch @rikerlynch Grant Gustin urbanagricultureinitiative.com The Nat Kidder Mule 2 oz. Nat Kidder . Wiktionary ( / 0 votes) Rate this definition.

glass-half-full (Adjective). optimistic. Origin: From the expression Is the glass half empty or half full?, the answer to which is said to determine whether a person is optimistic or pessimistic. see the glass as half full To view a situation as generally better or more hopeful than might otherwise be perceived; to be optimistic.

When it comes to the state of the world, I tend to see the glass as half full.

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