How to write an inverted pyramid news story

Contact How to write news stories in the inverted pyramid style It might sound like the name of a strange sex cult, but the inverted pyramid is the most common way you can structure a story. Usually associated with hard news stories, it can also be used for press releases, web pages, emails and anything else that needs to immediately tell the reader what they should know. The idea is simple:

How to write an inverted pyramid news story

The shape of the news story Here we will introduce the concept of the inverted pyramid, which is the basic shape of the news story. We see why this is a good way to present news.

In this respect, they are quite unlike other forms of written English, such as novels and short stories, committee reports, letters and theses.

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All these are written primarily for people with the time to consider and absorb what has been written. They also follow the usual pattern of spoken language, in which it is generally impolite to jump straight to the main how to write an inverted pyramid news story which you wish to make without first establishing contact.

For example, a female student writing home may say: I met a boy here at the start of the semester and he likes me a lot. Well, we have been seeing a lot of each other and In the following example, you will see that the narrative form starts at the oldest part of the story, then tells what happened in the order in which it happened.

The news form starts at the most newsworthy part of the story, then fills in details with the most newsworthy first and the least newsworthy last: A short-circuit occurred early this morning. Contact between the wires is thought to have created a spark, which ignited the walls of the house.

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The flames quickly spread through the entire house. Mrs Ume, her daughter Peni aged ten and her son Jonah aged five months were asleep in a rear bedroom. They had no way of escape and all perished.

Mrs Mary Ume, her ten-year-old daughter Peni and baby son Jonah were trapped in a rear bedroom as flames swept through the house.

The fire started in the laundry, where it is believed faulty electrical wiring caused a short-circuit. The family were asleep at the time. The flames quickly spread and soon the entire house was blazing. The background information about how it happened, and why it happened, are filled in later in the story.

This makes it easier for readers and listeners to understand. In many societies, people read newspapers and web pages in a hurry. They probably do not read every word, but skim quickly through, reading headlines and intros to see which stories interest them.

Some which seem at first glance to be interesting may seem less interesting after a few paragraphs, and so the reader moves on.

In other societies, people may find reading a newspaper hard work. This may be because it is written in a language which is not their first language; or it may be because they are not good at reading.

They, too, will look at headlines and intros to decide which stories are interesting enough to be worth the effort of reading them. In either case, the readers will generally read less than half of most stories; there are very few stories indeed of which they will read every word. Similarly, people do not listen intently to every word of a radio or television news bulletin.

Unless the first sentence of each item interests them, they allow their minds to wander until they hear something that interests them. The way a news story is written therefore has to do two things: It has to sell the story to the casual reader or listener. It has to give the main point of the story very quickly, so that even if the reader moves on after one or two paragraphs, or if the listener stops listening after the first sentence or two, they will still have a fair idea of what the story was about.

A pyramid has a broad base and tapers towards its top; the news story is just the opposite, with a broad top and tapering towards the base.

It is therefore called an inverted or upside-down pyramid. This "shape" of the news story, with a "broad" top and a "narrow" base, is in the weight of the news itself.

Look back at the earlier example, of the Hohola house fire. See how the first paragraph of the news story is the biggest news, and how the story begins to taper down towards the minor detail. The first paragraph, which is called the intro, contains the most newsworthy part of the story - the newest, most unusual, most interesting and most significant - told clearly and simply.

This is followed by a full explanation and all the details. The most newsworthy parts of the story will be written nearest to the top of the story.

The later part of the story - the tapering point of the inverted pyramid - contains detail which is helpful, but not essential. Here is an example of a short news story in the inverted pyramid; structure: A Palauli woman whose body was found in the sea is believed to have drowned.

Police say the year-old woman, whose name has not been released, was an epileptic.News style, journalistic style, or news-writing style is the prose style used for news reporting in media such as newspapers, radio and television.

Journalists usually describe the organization or structure of a news story as an inverted pyramid.

how to write an inverted pyramid news story

The essential and most interesting elements of a story are put at the beginning, with. "Flip that pyramid." News stories are written in a very clear way. Why are they so easy to read? Students will find out.

Using the inverted pyramid as a guide, students will analyze the structure of a news story, and practice finding the main idea while they're at it.


The Inverted Pyramid This refers to the style of journalism which places the most important facts at the beginning and works "down" from there. Ideally, the first paragraph should contain enough information to give the reader a good overview of the entire story.

The Inverted Pyramid is the style of writing that journalists use when they write. Reporters place the most important elements of the story at the beginning.

They start with the conclusion of the story, followed by the most important supporting information, and end with the background. "The concept behind the inverted pyramid format is relatively simple. The writer prioritizes the factual information to be conveyed in the news story by importance.

The most essential pieces of information are offered in the first line, which is called the lead (or summary lead). This usually addresses the so-called "five W's" (who, what, when, why, . Howto Writea NewsStory. urbanagricultureinitiative.come‘W’s(andthe‘H’) urbanagricultureinitiative.comdtoknowthesethings: Who?

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how to write an inverted pyramid news story
Chapter 3: The shape of the news story