Jackie as a character in first confession

Dah Duit Hi and welcome First Confession by Frank O'Connor All the trouble began when my grandfather died and my grand-mother - my father's mother - came to live with us.

Jackie as a character in first confession

Ryan that really worry him. One story is about a man who gives a bad confession and essentially eternally burns in hell. Ryan also tries to give Jackie and the others a sense of what hell is like: Instead of conquering his fear, he runs from it. Ryan has done her job well, to the point where Jackie is worried beyond belief.

He decides to fake sick so as not to go, but as readers later find, this idea comes back to haunt him. If he had originally gone and faced his fear, the ordeal would already be over. Like many children, Jackie finds it easier to avoid the fears in life rather than confront them.

This, however, is not a successful way to live. As he walks into the church everything becomes gloomy, creepy, and ominous.

This shows how the process of overcoming his trepidation is difficult even though in the long run it will be worthwhile. Once Jackie is in the confessional, he talks too quietly for the priest to hear and everything continues to get worse: Of course, if he had not avoided confession in the first place, he would not be struggling.

Once Jackie and the priest are settled, Jackie slowly begins to open up to the priest and feels more comfortable.

First Confession: The Transformation of The Boy Essay

The priest makes Jackie feel welcome: Readers finally understand why Jackie is so afraid of confession. By the time Jackie leaves he has a complete change of heart.


Jackie realizes that there really was nothing to be worried about. The priest knows how to take care of him. When he walks outside again, the imagery changes from gloomy to overjoyed. Jackie is relieved because his burden of the idea of killing his grandma has been lifted and his fears have been subdued.

Jackie is excellent proof of this because although he was terrified at first of confession, he ends up finding it enjoyable and relieving. Readers learn that fear itself can be worse than the actual event.In Frank O'Connor's short story "The First Confession", Jackie, the main character, learns a lesson he'll always remember.

After Jackie's first confession, he could now be confident that he was not such a sinner, and that Nora, his sister, was wrong.

Jackie as a character in first confession

Overcoming Fear of The First Confession. "First Confession" by Frank O"Connor, is the story of a young boy dealing with the situation of his grandmother moving in and the events leading up to his first confession and communion.

The first-person narrative writing style shows a child's journey. has younger brother named Jackie ("I can't leave you out of my sight for one minute" 4) gets a penny from grandmother every Friday () Grandmother - also called Gran.

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Character vs Character: In the first confession, Jackie has a conflict between his older sister, Nora. they constantly have a rivalry between each other.

Jackie as a character in first confession

Jackie is always teased and bullied by his sister. Their conflict is the major one in the first confession. Conflict Character vs . In Frank O’Connor’s story “First Confession”, Mrs.

Ryan and the priest are different. Mrs. Ryan and the priest approach Jackie differently and have. Jackie’s first confession. The priest in turn serves as the revolutionary figure in Jackie’s spiritual journey that shows him the true meaning of what the Catholic Church can be when focusing on.

Introduction To Literature: First Confession by Frank O' Connor