Kanthapura by raja rao essay

He was an excellent writer and the simple story of a village life is depicted in an extra-ordinary way in this creation of his. The title of the story is kept by the name of the village only. So the title truly signifies the story. Born on November 8 in the year of Raja Rao was a famous writer.

Kanthapura by raja rao essay

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Kanthapura is a traditional caste ridden Indian village which is away from all modern ways of living. Dominant castes like Brahmins are privileged to get the best region of the village whereas Sudras, Pariahs are marginalized.

The village is believed to have protected by a local deity called Kenchamma. Though casteist, the village has got a long nourished traditions of festivals in which all castes interact and the villagers are united.

A temple is built there, which later became the centre point of the village life. All ceremonies and festivals are celebrated within the temple premises. Hari-Kathas, a traditional form of storytelling, was practiced in the village.

Hari-Kathas are stories of Hari God. The narrator was arrested because of the political propaganda instilled in the story. The novel begins its course of action when Moorthy leaves for the city where he got familiar with Gandhian philosophy through pamphlets and other literatures. He followed Gandhi in letter and spirit.

He wore home spun khaddar. Discarded foreign clothes and fought against untouchability. This turned the village priest, a Brahmin, against him who complained to the swami who was a supporter of foreign government and Moorthy was ex-communicated.

Heartbroken to hear it, his mother Narasamma passed away. Bade Khan was a police officer, a non hindu of Kanthapura. He was brought and supported by the coffee planters who were Englishmen.

Kanthapura by raja rao essay

Moorthy was invited by Brahmin clerks at Skeffington coffee estate to create an awareness among the coolies of the estate. When Moorthy turned up, Bade Khan hit him and the pariah coolies stood with Moorthy. Though he succeeded in following Gandhian non violence principle, the incident made him sad and unhappy.

Rachanna and family were thrown out of the estate because of their role in beating Bade Khane. Meanwhile, Moorthy continued his fight against injustice and social inequality and became a staunchest ally of Gandhi.

Taking the responsibility of the violent actions happened at the estate; Moorthy went on a three day long fasting and came out victorious and morally elated. Following the footsteps of Gandhi, a unit of the congress committee was formed in Kanthapura.

Fearing the greater mobility of people of Kanthapura under the leadership of Moorthy, the foreign government accused him of provoking people to inflict violence it and arrested him. Though Rangamma and Rachanna were willing to release him on bail, he refused.

He was punished for three months rigorous imprisonment. While Moorthy spent his days in prison, the women of Kanthapura took charge of the struggle for freedom. People thronged at his house were dispersed peacefully. Atrocities against women added miseries of the people.

In the last part o the novel, it is mentioned that people of the village were settled in Kashipur and Kanthapura was occupied by people from Bombay.

The Story The story, at the beginning, is very boring. That sort of sets the tone for the entire book. Kanthapura is the story of a village in South India called, very predictably, Kanthapura. The narrator is a widow named Achakka. Kanthapura, according to her, is much like other villages.

It is divided along caste lines, but is, at the same time, harmonious and united. All the villagers are mutually bound in their social and economic functions.Raja Rao’s Kanthapura () is a subtle study of the immense change that the Gandhian movement of the thirties brought into the life of the Indian woman and yet didn’t let her cross the conventional, the so-called feminine boundaries.

Sep 07,  · Raja Rao was the last of the Big-three of Indian writing in English–(the other two being R.K. Narayan and Mulk Raj Anand)—whose tales gave credibility to Indian writing in English at a time when it was a much-debated genre, considered weak and not of the soil.

Kanthapura by raja rao essay

Kanthapura as a Gandhian Novel. Kanthapura is the first novel of Raja Rao written in A.D. It describes the period in which the struggle against the foreign government was dominating the . Raja Rao’s first novel Kanthapura () is the story of a village in south India named Kanthapura.

The novel is narrated in the form of a ‘sthalapurana’ by an old woman of the village, Achakka. Essays and criticism on Raja Rao - Rao, Raja. Raja Rao Rao, Raja - Essay. Homework Help Raja Rao's Kanthapura, written almost 35 years ago. Dateline deadly twist ending essay the importance of voting essay action research papers in special education embryon jumeaux explication essay memorial day essay winner from student autrui film critique essays, raja rao kanthapura analysis essay horrors of war an essay danksagung dissertation gottlieb national air express essays deforestation.

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