Motivations of kidnappings

Generally, the intended target is studied for some time prior to the actual kidnapping, allowing the perpetrators to gather intelligence on security procedures and personal habits.

Motivations of kidnappings

While kidnapping, especially for ransom, can be a crime of opportunity, foreigners are often targeted due to their high-profile appearance, vulnerability, and assumed wealth. This report examines the various styles of kidnapping that may affect private-sector operations abroad, as well as providing some mitigation strategies and resources for further research.

Types of Kidnapping This section will detail several types of kidnapping commonly seen around the globe, the motivations behind each type, and some recommendations to deter or mitigate the threats of each.

Kidnapping for ransom is a major source of income for criminal gangs that rely on ransom to finance their operations. Foreigners especially are targeted due to their high relative wealth and the incentive of a large government ransom payment.

Countries with both high levels of unrest and Western investments tend to have more kidnappings. Often, organizations do not disclose when ransom is paid because such payment can be interpreted as supporting terrorist Motivations of kidnappings. However, a policy change noted the U. Detractors to this policy note the inability of Americans to negotiate with terrorists had sometimes meant non-Americans were targeted for kidnap rather than Americans; others also note such publicity generally means higher ransoms are sought by would-be captors.

She was released several weeks later, although the missionary organization with which she was affiliated would not disclose what was done to secure her freedom.

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While less common today, several criminal gangs still use this tactic, as do opportunistic criminals worldwide. While abroad, travelers should be aware that their access to their place of employment may make them a target for a tiger kidnapping.

An employee of an armored truck company had his family taken hostage before the criminals forced him to steal cash from his armored truck during his route. After the employee handed the money over, this family was released. Express Kidnapping- Common in Latin America and parts of Africa, an express kidnapping is a relatively short-term ordeal and only involves a victim and the criminal s.

The criminal will threaten the victim and take them to an ATM to withdraw the maximum amount of cash. The kidnapping generally ends when the victim can no longer withdraw money.

Express kidnappings are designed to be quick and profitable for the criminal, and are almost always crimes of opportunity.

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Unless the hostage fights back, this type of incident usually does not involve violence. The Crime and Safety Report for South Africa reports express kidnappings by criminals posing as police as a threat facing travelers to that country. The increased threat of express kidnappings from taxis in Mexico in the past year has led to a surge in ridesharing applicationswhich make it more difficult for a criminal to pose as a driver.

An Analysis of Child Kidnapping in Iowa Iowa Department of Human Rights Stereotypical Kidnappings While child kidnapping in Iowa is rare, the analysis of child kidnapping and review of the effectiveness of kidnapping laws reveals weaknesses in Iowas Criminal Code. Currently, the Code does not distinguish. Motivations for kidnapping (urbanagricultureinitiative.comg Eventually you will find his motivations. Have fun with it! permalink; embed; save; give gold; dangerouschichi Self-Published Author 0 points 1 point 2 points 1 year ago. I defiantly think power plays a huge role in kidnappings. the kidnapper desperately wants power over someone. Select the images to display more information. Select the images to display more information.

Travelers can mitigate the threat posed from express kidnapping by only using ATMs in well-lighted and public areas, and being aware of suspicious individuals loitering near ATMs.

An example of express kidnappings targeting travelers abroad is: A New Zealand Olympic athlete in Rio de Janiero for the Olympic Games, was the victim of an express kidnapping after men wearing police uniforms forced him to withdraw cash from several ATMs in the city. A couple was assaulted by a criminal falsely portraying himself as their rideshare driverforced to withdraw money from an ATM, then held overnight before managing to alert a neighbor to their whereabouts.

Political and Ideological Kidnapping- These are potentially the most dangerous form of kidnapping due to the wide range of motives and groups involved. The kidnappers in these cases target victims for their political or ideological impact. This could include motivations such as using the hostage to swap for prisoners, negotiating a withdrawal of security forces from an area, or for propaganda purposes.

While groups who seek to use a hostage execution as propaganda are less common, they often receive the most public attention. Sincethere has been an increase in these incidents among Islamist extremist militant groups. Political and Ideological kidnappings are popular in regions where criminals and insurgents hostile to the government of the victim operate or have influence such as Latin America, East and Central Asia, and the Middle East.

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He was released in after 22 months of captivity after Qatar served as a negotiations mediator and secured terms for his release. Virtual Kidnapping- This method of kidnapping is unique in that it does not actually involve physical kidnapping and more closely resembles a scam.

Often the kidnapper has an accomplice who pretends to be the hostage crying for help in the background. Having successfully received the ransom, the criminal ends the call.First time posting here, not sure if right sub.

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Kidnapping in Nigeria: An Emerging Social Crime and the Implications for the Labour Market Ngwama, Justice Chidi Kidnappings are targeted at the executive, legislative, and the where there are political motivations for. Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Family in America Today.

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Motivations of kidnappings

BASIC KIDNAPPING. By far the most common form of kidnapping, this can be accomplished in most parts of the world with minimal preparation, with a . Kidnapping: To take away someone against their will, can be done for a ransom or for child custody dispute.


It is applied to all people no matter the age. Hijacking: To steal a vehicle or the items inside it after forcing it to stop.

Motivations of kidnappings
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