Past essay question prosthodontic

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Past essay question prosthodontic

I have been interested in health care since I was quite young. I love meeting, conversing with, and examining patients, and then figuring out their needs and diagnosis. Moreover, creating a treatment plan for a particular patient and then caring for him or her fills me with satisfaction.

Being a caring and creative person who also loved to draw, I was consequently drawn to dentistry. Pursuing a profession with many facets meant a lot to me. Through that experience, I learned many remarkable facts about the dental profession.

In one instance, I vividly recall a patient who was provided with a fixed prosthodontic bridge for his missing anterior teeth Past essay question prosthodontic how pleased he was after treatment. The patient appeared much younger after his missing anterior teeth were replaced. I strongly feel that there is no greater pleasure in life than that of alleviating suffering.

During my internship period at university, I have received substantial training in prosthetic dentistry and done laboratory work in some cases as well.

In addition, I have worked with distinguished professors who are authorities in this field. I carried out a small research project on the efficacy of home bleaching systems, which was ultimately published in the Saudi Dental Journal.

Moreover, I wrote many bibliographies on different prosthetic topics. I am ideally prepared to enroll in your post-graduate program because I am an enormously hardworking person with high esteem who is devoted to her career. Critique Dear Valued Customer, You have an excellent start on a very strong essay here, and I enjoyed reading and editing your piece.

Past essay question prosthodontic

Below is a critique in which I will explain some of my changes and provide constructive suggestions regarding how you can continue improving the essay on your own.

To begin, I would like to compliment you on the individuality and clarity of the essay you have crafted. These are two of the strongest aspects of your piece; they reflect the time, thought, and effort you have obviously put into the essay already. I would like to go through a couple of those with you now P1 denotes paragraph one, P2 paragraph 2 and so on.

The reader will understand that your interest has existed since your childhood, and that it has led you to a career in this field. By correcting these issues and others like them, I have refined your prose and boosted the professionalism of your piece.

There are several ways in which I think you can make this essay even stronger. I would now like to provide some suggestions that will help you do just that. To make the introduction even stronger, you could add a bit more detail to that story.

Try adding some description to the scene you set. Did you use any pretend tools? How did your family members react? What would you say upon completing an examination? Just a sentence or two with some more detail could take your introduction to the next level.

Paragraph 2 is, in my opinion, the weakest of the essay as it currently stands. Then, you could explain that because many aspects of dentistry require a creative or artistic approach, the field perfectly fits your own diverse interests.

That would help make the paragraph a bit more substantial and improve its connection to the rest of the essay. In paragraph 4, you tell another vivid story about an event that cemented your desire to pursue this graduate program. I assume that event took place while you were an observer in the dental office which you mention in the preceding paragraph.

In paragraph 6, I recommend that you elaborate on two aspects. Firstly, you mention that you completed some laboratory work.

To make the essay even more compelling, I would say something about what you aspire to do as a prosthodontist immediately following your current conclusion. This will help your essay end on a note that looks to the future, which will emphasize that you are committed to career progress. The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Programme Resource Centre (PRC), a key resource for educators at IB World Schools, includes several examples of extended essay titles. These highlight the diverse range of topics covered by International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) students during their extended essays. A prosthodontist is a dentist who specializes in the esthetic restoration and replacement of teeth. Prosthodontists receive two or three years of additional training after dental school, and restore optimum appearance and function to your smile.

Could you briefly explain what your laboratory work involved so the reader can better understand what you gained through that experience?A prosthodontist is a dentist who specializes in the esthetic restoration and replacement of teeth.

Prosthodontists receive two or three years of additional training after dental school, and restore optimum appearance and function to your smile. We have reviewed essays for this question in past years and which we discuss in detail in the essay guide – be authentic!!

Again, using that full allotment of words is likely wise. Again, using that full allotment of words is likely wise. How To Write Dialogue In An Essay. We all want the best out of our works. Well, who doesn’t? In an academic competition, be it for a scholarship, a medal, or even a job, you can expect to see essay .

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