Taliban in afghanistan

The Taliban Emerge Inthe Taliban emerged as a major force in the fight for control of war-torn Afghanistan. The country was in turmoil and rife with factional fighting among tribal leaders after the long war between the Soviets and the U.

Taliban in afghanistan

Jump to navigation Jump to search The Taliban is an Islamic militant group operating in Afghanistan and western Pakistan. In the late s it made a governmentthe Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

It was formed in in southern Afghanistan and was helped by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The Taliban governed Afghanistan between and During this time, its leaders put in place the strictest forms of Sharia law ever seen in the Muslim world!

Many criminals were put to death fast and without a fair trial. Anyone who refused to follow the law was considered a non-Muslim enemy.


Every male had to go to mosque for prayer except Afghan non-Muslims during praying times, which is 5 times daily. The Taliban became known around the world for their very bad treatment of women. The Taliban had been giving al-Qaeda a safe base from which to operate.

Taliban in afghanistan

The aim of the invasion was to remove the Taliban government from power, destroy al-Qaeda and capture bin Laden. The Taliban is still fighting the Afghan and Pakistani governments in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan.Peace in Afghanistan seems even more elusive, both for troops on the front lines of this war-battered country and for survivors of countless attacks, since the Taliban shrugged off the government.

Taliban attacks in Afghanistan kill at least 22 security forces The Taliban have ramped up attacks in strategic provinces in their battle to expel foreign forces, topple the Western-backed government and restore their version of hardline Islamic law.

The Taliban is a predominantly Pashtun, Islamic fundamentalist group that ruled Afghanistan from until , when a U.S.-led invasion toppled the regime for providing refuge to al-Qaeda and. The Taliban, who in recent years have taken over nearly half of Afghanistan, claimed responsibility for the Farah attack, the latest in a series of brutal, near-daily Taliban assaults on Afghan.

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7 hours ago · Taliban attack kills three US soldiers in Afghanistan By Bill Van Auken 28 November Three US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan Tuesday . Afghan National army soldiers on Oct. 17, , search a car at a checkpoint ahead of parliamentary elections that were scheduled for Saturday, Oct.

20, in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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