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The jack roller

About crossing gender lines — transgender, non-binary and queer issues August 5, Autogynephilia defined The autogynephilia theory classifies male to female transgender persons into two distinct categories based on their sexual orientation.

There are people assigned male who fantasize about having a woman's body and get sexually aroused by this. There are also people assigned female at birth who get excited by the idea of being a man, and by having sex as a man. I call this crossdreaming.

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Jaimie Vealewho has done extensive research on transgender people, calls it cross-gender arousal. Trans women and trans men may have been crossdreamers in the past.

This should not come a surprise. If you present as male, and your inner sense of self is female, one of the few ways you can explore your female sexuality is by imagine yourself having a female body, and fantasize about having sex as a woman. Because of this even the idea of being transformed into a woman can become arousing.

The transformation makes the full life of a woman possible. Misogyny and transphobic medicine Unfortunately we live in a world that has been quite unforgiving as regards gender violations of this kind.

In the previous century doctors and other "experts" found it hard to believe that this kind of arousal could be caused by a female sexuality. Women were not supposed to have strong sexual desires.

Besides, this was the age of misogyny. A man who wanted to be a woman had to be mentally ill. The only trans women who were accepted as "real" women if they were accepted at all were therefore those that could say that they had never had such erotic fantasies. Those who had were dismissed as "transvestic fetishists" sexual deviants.

The autogynephilia theory of Dr. Ray Blanchard of Toronto, Canada, is part of this tradition.

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In this post I will, for practical reasons, quote Blanchard-supporter Anne Lawrence when presenting the theory. Blanchard has given her interpretation of the theory strong support. Summary of autogynephilia Anne Lawrence gives the following summary of autogyenphilia: Blanchard operates with four types of autogynephilia: Transvestic fantasy of wearing women's clothing Behavioural fantasy of engaging in typical feminine behaviour, let's say knitting together with women Physiologic fantasy of pregnancy, breast feeding, menstruating Anatomic fantasy of having a woman's body, including p artial autogynephiliawhere the focus is on a mix of male and female bodyparts, as in -- for instance -- becoming a "she-male".

More autogynephiliacs take the plunge The autogynephiliacs are now, according to Lawrencedominating the group of men who undergo sex reassignment surgery: These men are usually unremarkably masculine in their appearance and behavior, and they typically seek sex reassignment after having lived outwardly successful lives as men, often in male-dominated professions such as engineering or computer science.

They invariably have a history of sexual arousal with crossdressing or cross-gender fantasy. Most MtF transsexuals who undergo sex reassignment in the United States and the United Kingdom now appear to fit this pattern. They are either extremely effeminate homosexual men who transition in order to attract straight men, or they are straight men who suffer from a "paraphilia" sexual perversion that makes them lust for their inner woman.

The question is not whether trans people may crossdream experience cross-gender arousal. The question is whether these categories and proposed causes of cross-gender identification make any sense.

It turns out they do not. The autogynephilia theory has been falsified, not only by trans activists, but also by researchers. Even Blanchard's own research shows that there are "homosexual transsexuals" that is trans women who are attracted to men who experience "autogynephilic" fantasies.

And the only way Blanchard can dismiss the existence of "aotugynephiliacs" who do not crossdream, is by dismissing all of them as liars.

The difference seen between late transitioning and early transitioning trans women is mostly caused by cultural factors. Lesbian trans women have normally transitioned later precisely because they are attracted to women. It is much harder for them to believe they can find love as a woman.

They therefore try to live up to the role of "a real man" as long as possible. The Caitlyn Jenner story is a good example of this. Internalized transphobia and homophobia may cause male to female transgender persons who love women to repress their transgender side completely.

The reason they may appear as more masculine than their man-loving sisters, is because they have been socialized as men for a longer time and because testosterone has had more time to masculinize their bodies. Trans women who love men have no hope of living up to the ideal of the straight, manly, man.

That doesn't stop many of them from trying, but since they have much less to lose in the sense of status and privilege, they are more likely to transition earlier.Comments on jackroller.

The jack roller

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The jack roller

Join Facebook to connect with Jack Roller and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. There are people assigned male who fantasize about having a woman's body and get sexually aroused by this.

There are also people assigned female at birth who get excited by the idea of being a man, and by having sex as a man.

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