The life and career of daniel jonah goldhagen

He is also the author of Worse Than Warwhich examines the phenomenon of genocide. He grew up in nearby Newton. He credits his father as a "model of intellectual sobriety and probity". InGoldhagen entered Harvard and remained there for some twenty years, first as an undergraduate and graduate student, then as an assistant professor in the Government and Social Studies Department.

The life and career of daniel jonah goldhagen

Patrick Giles writes thoughtfully in response to my post about Mel Gibson: I believe the story states she is a Texan.

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The ABC News story that followed, which called her his mother and whose language I matched in my own textwas incorrect. I also believe Gibson has made it clear his views are not synonymous with his father's.

Although that they are similar in some ways is evident from Gibson's own statements. Are sons responsible for their father's opinions?

Good God, I hope not, since I'd be in serious trouble on that one myself. However, Gibson has made clear in that Playboy interview and elsewhere that his father has been a major influence on his thinking, which rather alters the matter of his innocence.

Specifically, Gibson eschews his father's naked anti-Semitism. But he embraces most other aspects of his belief system.

This is somewhat akin to the John Birch Society's disavowal of anti-Semitism while embracing anti-Semites' conspiracy theories; instead of a secret cabal of Jewish bankers running the world, you have a secret cabal of "international" bankers who all just happen to be Jewish running the world.

It only makes one's conspiracism slightly less vicious. It was interesting, when the TIMES story appeared, to see that brief, general surfacing of dismay over reactionary Catholic splinter groups -- this is an issue Catholics have been worrying about for years.

Their groups -- Opus Dei is the most powerful, "the Catholic masons" as a nun who taught religion in my high school used to say others called it "the Catholic mafia" -- have a real flair for drawing the disaffected to their side, and for gaining footholds in high places.

I suspect a reason Robert Hanssen, the spy recently caught, managed to function undisturbed for so long is that he, too, was said to be in Opus Dei. If nothing else, reading about or, even worse, meeting the extremists in the Church gives you a newfound appreciation for the good things our current Pope has done.

But that so conservative and totalitarian a Pope can be considered a flaming radical Satanist by Hutton Gibson and his fellows should tell you how frightening these people really are. Do you really think Gibson's film will get a fair shake when it does appear?

Devout Catholics are figures of derision in popular culture in a way, say, conservative Jews aren't--but Muslims areand this movie, which is even if it turns out not to be anti-Semitic going to hit some very fearful, sensitive notes in its audiences, will most likely be attacked and insulted and made fun of no matter how good or bad, incendiary or illuminating, it is.

The triteness and near-hysteria of most media coverage on religious issues is mortifying; name-calling seems to be the goal. That every report on the film I've read has oozed sinisterness, for example, is ridiculous: Everything connected to the movie carries a taint.

But for examplewhat if Gibson is reluctant to show his film to Foxman and the ADL because he feels they have made up their minds about it already?

INTERVIEW: Anne Girard, author of Madame Picasso

If he showed it, for example, to other Jewish community leaders before he allowed the ADL to see it, would that be that the calculated scurrying of a Jew-hater, or a shrewd move by a man skilled in movie marketing, who knows the movie's going to be attacked by some in the public no matter what its qualities actually are?

For all we know, this movie could be an attempt by a Catholic to come to terms with one of the biggest tragedies of Christianity and world history: Interestingly, reports of that Council say that then-Cardinal Karol Wotylja -- now the current pontiff -- was one of the most forceful and insistent speakers in the Cardinals' debate on the resolution.

The life and career of daniel jonah goldhagen

We simply don't know who did what in the execution of Jesus in the same way we know that John Wilkes Booth shot President Lincoln or Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo. The Gospels are not historical reports; they were written at different times by different people for different audiences.Early life.

Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich was born in in Halle an der Saale to composer and opera singer Richard Bruno Heydrich and his wife, Elisabeth Anna Maria Amalia Heydrich (née Krantz).

His father was Protestant and his mother was Roman Catholic.


His two forenames were patriotic musical tributes: "Reinhard" referred to the tragic hero from his father's opera Amen, and "Tristan.

On the blog today, I am very pleased to welcome Anne Girard, the author of Madame Picasso, a historical novel inspired by the little–known life of Eva Gouel, one of Pablo Picasso’s most enigmatic models and muses.

I loved the book (you can read my review here) and I hope you will too! Are you a. Early life. Daniel Jonah Goldhagen was born in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., in June , to Norma and Erich grew up in Newton, Massachusetts.

[1] His wife is Sarah Williams Goldhagen, an architectural historian, and critic forThe New Republic magazine. [2]Goldhagen is the son of retired Harvard professor Erich Goldhagen, a Holocaust survivor who lived in a Romanian–Jewish.

BIO. Daniel Jonah Goldhagen is the author of Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity (PublicAffairs), which, ten years in the making, is about reconceptualizing, understanding, and finally stopping genocide. The following text is the introductory article to “my” anthology Dissecting the Holocaust.

I wrote the original German version of this paper in the summer of for the German edition of this book (Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte).The text was updated and slightly enhanced for the first English edition in , and again for the second English edition in , from which the following text.

The life and career of daniel jonah goldhagen

Check out this excellent new blog: World in Conflict It's edited by my old friend Paul deArmond (aka Warbaby), the Bellingham activist who has made a nice little career out of countering right-wing extremists in his neck of the woods with floods of information and well-organized opposition.

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