What bothers me

With each day that goes by, we learn more details about the upcoming film that are meant to reassure us. And time travel will play a significant role in undoing the events that led to Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet to reduce the population of the entire universe by half. With all that in mind, I realized that what really bothers me about the Infinity War ending has nothing to do with the massive amount of bloodshed. What bothers me is that in 19 Marvel movies so far, not once did we hear Fury mention Captain Marvel.

What bothers me

The majestic ramparts from which the flag is ceremoniously raised on Independence Day are part of our consciousness. Many Indians may not know who built the monument, or how old it is, but we know it as a symbol of our sovereignty.

The monument is also an architectural marvel. This writer has visited the Red Fort a number of times and remains in awe of its stately aura. Will this history now be diluted with billboards of Dalmia Bharat all over the complex?

Will we emerge from Diwan e Aam and see a hoarding of a cement company instead of red sandstone and latticed walls? In China, the global coffeehouse chain Starbucks was allowed to open an outlet inside the Forbidden City in It used an existing structure and thereby blended with the surroundings in this 15th century imperial complex, home to China's emperors.

But just seeing the name 'Starbucks' on their ancient heritage angered the Chinese so much that the coffee chain had to shut shop inafter half a million Chinese signed an online petition against it. It may be a dictatorship, but China is more responsive than India when its citizens get agitated and take mass action against something that disturbs them.

So an online petition to stop Dalmia Bharat taking over the Red Fort may not work here. Signs of typical Indian official arrogance were evident when Minister of State for Tourism K J Alphons pooh poohed opposition to the proposal and declared the government would go ahead with its plan to hand over more monuments to corporates.

Alphons is an ex-bureaucrat, hence responsiveness to public sentiment isn't his forte; arguing his case is. He pointed out that the Congress government at the Centre had earlier given Humayun's Tomb, another of Delhi's iconic monuments, to the 'foreign' Aga Khan Trust for Culture.

Alphons can see no difference between a trust known worldwide for its success in restoring historic architectural structures and a cement company! Even the Aga Khan Trust is being blamed by experts for not carrying on restoration work in keeping with the style of Humayun's Tomb. There are two aspects to the BJP government's move.

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First, the ethics of it. How can the monument where the prime minister unfurls the flag on Independence Day, in a ceremony broadcast and telecast nationally, be maintained by a private entity? No one can believe that the Centre doesn't have enough money to maintain this monument.

One of India's top tourist attractions, it ranks fifth in terms of revenue earned through tourism. Init earned more than Rs 6 crore Rs 60 million. The Dalmias will spend Rs 25 crore Rs million in five years.

So, the Red Fort already earns more than what the Dalmias are going to spend on it! What then is the rationale behind this move except to rid itself of the responsibility of maintaining this crucial monument? This is a government that describes itself as the only nationalistic government to have ruled the country.

It silently endorses physical attacks by its supporters on those who do not stand up for the national anthem in cinema halls. Yet, it sees nothing shameful about washing its hands off a monument symbolising our sovereignty.

One reason for this puzzling sense of self-respect could be that no member of the party that makes up this government took part in the freedom struggle. The three, each following a different faith, became symbols of our freedom struggle.

A century earlier, the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar had been tried here. The INA heroes were defended by the Congress and top lawyers of the day: But all this must mean nothing to the BJP, which tries to appropriate Bose without believing in a fraction of his vision.May 23,  · WASHINGTON ― White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says it bugs her when people accuse of her lying to the press.

“It certainly bothers me,” she . We've always partnered and collaborated with local businesses including supporting local artists. Our twenty year tag line is; "Enjoy With Food and Friends" but it wasn't until our friends at Cigar City introduced Rock Brothers Brewing to Palmetto Brewing that we realized how well it could be done.

Shaw Brothers (HK) Ltd. (Chinese: 邵氏兄弟(香港)公司) was the largest film production company of Hong Kong. In , three Shaw brothers—Runje, Runme, and Runde—founded Tianyi Film Company (also called Unique) in Shanghai, and established a film distribution base in Singapore, where Runme and the youngest brother, Run Run Shaw, managed the precursor to the parent company, Shaw.

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What bothers me
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