Why rizal is a national

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Why rizal is a national

Jose Rizal or Andres Bonifacio?

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Why is Jose Rizal the national hero? The Americans recommended Rizal because of the fact that he was executed by the Spaniards and of his peaceful way to achieve liberty. Unlike Andres Bonifacio whose desire to achieve independence for his native land required armed approach. The Americans deemed this approach to independence of Andres Bonifacio to be unacceptable and may inspire other Filipinos to rebel against American rule.

This is why Jose Rizal was chosen over him as the national hero. Jose Rizal was declared as the greatest Filipino hero during the American colonization after the Aguinaldo led armed forces were subdued during the Philippine-American war.

December 30 as national day of mourning General Emilio Aguinaldo was the first one to declare December 30 as a national day of mourning in honor of Rizal and others who have died fighting the Spanish tyranny. Pen as mightier than the sword The Philippine revolution led by Andres Bonifacio was fueled by the writings of Jose Rizal, the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, which made a more lasting impression.

This is one of the best arguments of those who believe that Rizal is rightfully the national hero. Rizal was truly an inspiration to many Filipinos during the Spanish period.

December 30 as national day of mourning

According to the historian Rafael Palma, Rizal was more deserving of the national hero title. Rizal was even thought to have suggested that Antonio Luna lead the revolutionary forces since Luna has studied military science which was a brilliant idea to lessen casualties against the powerhouse Spanish militia.

Why rizal is a national

Rizal believed that only an army that was well prepared and had enough arms would ensure victory. Everything started with Rizal.I - Why Is Rizal Our National Hero Essay introduction.

Background of the study We owe it to ourselves as Filipinos to revisit the writings of Dr. Rizal and try to gain an understanding of his ideals and hope for the Philippines. Dr.

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Rizal is a great gift of God to us, if we are to see it in a Christian perspective. A review of Jose Rizal: Life, Works and Writings of a Genius, writer, Scientist and National Hero, by Gregorio Zaide. I was required to purchase and read this book for a class in the University of the Philippines, and boy was my money and time wasted!

While Jose Rizal is considered a national hero by many for his pivotal role in the Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards, there is no official national hero of the Philippines. In , December 30 was declared a national day of mourning for the death of Rizal and others during the revolution.

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Through his works, Rizal was able to revolutionize the way that the Filipino thought. That is another reason why Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines. Even without making rousing speeches or bold declarations, he was able to stir the people’s inner spirit.

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